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SOLD Fluorite And Multi Stone Gem Globo


This ‘one of a kind’ necklace is currently out of stock. Please get in touch  if you would like to have our jeweller custom create a unique Globo for you. 

From the new KAB Globo collection, this statement piece features a beautiful sodalite sphere, surrounded by a halo of sapphires, spinel and amethysts. Crowning this gemstone is a seascape cap which is hand carved making it unique.   The silver has been oxidised to highlight the detailed crown.

Product Specifications: Sodalite: 20mm Gemstone Halo: 2mm each

Materials: Oxidised Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 80cm

Made By Katherine Alexandra Brunacci in the UK.

As with all pieces in the Globo collection, each piece created is a special treasure. For more information Contact Us

Globo Italian for globe. This collection features crowned gemstones  and Orbs with hand carved landscapes. The Globo collection represents adventure and exploration, a spherical impression of the earth, sea or of the constellations with a map on the surface.

Out of stock


Product Specifications:

Sodalite: 20mm

Materials: Oxidised Sterling Silver, Sodalite, Sapphire, Spinel, Amethyst

Chain Length: 80cm

Made By KAB in the UK


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