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Registered Jewellery Valuer: As a member of  the Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA), Institute of Registered Valuers (MIRV) and National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NJCV), Katherine has been trained in providing accurate assessments of all types of jewellery. As a member of these organisations, Katherine can provide an assessment that is based on accredited education. Further details about JVA and IRV can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why Do I Need A Valuation? A detailed report is essential when claiming insurance for lost, stolen or damaged items, and when seeking a fair price at a sale. A valuation can also be useful in the following instances : probate, new replacement value, auction reserves, second hand sales, deceased estate appraisals, divorce property settlement.

What Happens During An Appointment? We offer a ‘Whist you Wait’ appointment. This means that the jewellery to be valued is tested and photographed whilst you wait in the same room. A PDF and hardcopy of the valuation schedule is then sent out to you 24-48hrs (depending on research) after the initial meeting.

What Do I Need To Bring? We will ask you to bring the item to be valued, any previous documents, reports, certificates. These enable the valuer to record relevant information in your new valuation document. Often stones are weighed before setting and reports/certificates will have this information recorded.

What Do You Receive? Our KAB jewellery valuation reports come printed on high quality acid free paper including cover with a detailed description of your jewellery, a clear digital photograph, schedule and signature. A PDF copy of this report is also supplied.

Find out more information about our valuation memberships in the About section.


Our valuing service is centrally located within the Goldsmiths’ Centre

42 Britton Street

Monday-Friday: 0900hrs -1800hrs.
Booking enquires can be made 24/7 via email or phone with prompt confirmation.


Booking Enquires
Feel free to contact me with any valuation questions and to make booking enquires
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